Manufacturer: Simpson, Hall, Miller and Co.

Simpson, Hall, Miller and Co., (also known as Eagle Brand, or International Silver Co.), Wallingford, Connecticut.

Samuel Simpson was well known for his Britannia ware in Wallingford.

In 1866 he organized Simpson, Hall, Miller and Co., to do silverplating.

He was extremely successful and in 1878 made a contract with William Rogers, Jr., to supervise the manufacture and marketing of Simpson, Hall, Miller and Co. Rogers "Eagle" Brand.

In 1895, they started the manufacture of sterling silverware and were one of the original companies to become part of the International Silver Company in 1898.

The Wallingford factory became Internationals Sterling centre. Their sterling flat ware produced after 1895. The same mark continued by International Silver Co..


Items in Point Ellice House Collection:

Object Name: Bowl, Sugar Accession Number: 1975.0001.8765

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