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Mouth of the culvert that takes the winter flows from the West Branch
Mouth of the culvert that takes the
winter flows from the West Branch.

Welcome to the first edition of Pacific Coast Salmon Fisherie's daily on-line magazine. The goal of this digital magazine is to provide readers with information related to stream restoration projects, both in the Campbell River area, and in the rest of British Columbia. The main focus will be the current restoration project on Haig-Brown Kingfisher Creek, near Campbell River. The information provided in these articles will eventually serve as an on-line archive/data base which will be applicable to stream restoration projects world-wide.

In addition to providing you with information on the Haig-Brown Kingfisher Creek restoration project, posting articles relevant to a creek project in your area is an important component of this e-zine. So, if you have any contributions that you would like to see posted on the web and stored in our on-line archives, please e-mail us at kdbhbh@oberon.ark.com

The construction of this site is funded through Industry Canada's SchoolNet Digital Collections Program. Its goal is to provide teachers and students educational information and activities to be used in classroom and home settings.

Bookmark this site and visit it daily - to catch all the new developments on creek restoration on Haig-Brown Kingfisher Creek.

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Maturing spruce trees.
Maturing spruce trees in the grove on the Haig-Brown
Heritage Properties. This grove will be preserved as
part of the creek's riparian zone.