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Welcome to the house in which Emily Carr grew up. Emily's father Richard Carr had this house built for his family in 1864. This tour includes pictures of the restored rooms and quotations from The Book Of Small by Emily Carr. To move through the site you can click on the images or the underlined text.

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Our street was called Carr Street after my Father. We had a very nice house and a lovely garden... Carr Street was a very fine street. The dirt road waved up and down and in and out. the horses made it that way, zigzagging the carts and carriages through it. The rest of the street was green grass and wild roses. There was a grand, wide open ditch with high grass by the sides. The cows licked in great mouthfuls to chew as they walked up and down to the pasture land at the end of Carr Street down by the beach. In front of our place Father had made a gravel walk but after our trees stopped there were just two planks to walk on."

--The Book of Small By Emily Carr

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Emily Carr: At Home and At Work - a compendium of the life & work of Emily Carr, Canadian artist and author.

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