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Site Contents and Introduction
Measured Drawings An Architectural Heritage of British Columbia was produced under contract by ABAKA Multimedia Productions, 1998. ABAKA Multimedia Productions
Neil Wilton - Heritage Programs Officer

Sabina Proulx - Contractor/Project Manager/Graphic Designer/Artist/Illustrator - 1998
As professional team leader and producer Sabina wishes to acknowledge the talent and dedication of her hard working team of researchers, writers, and programmers who helped make this web site an engaging and inspiring on-line learning experience.
Sabina was responsible for the overall design of the site structure, content and user interface, as well as graphics creation. Besides supervising staff and coordinating the production of text copy, photographs and drawings, she edited and proofed all the HTML programming.

Other Projects: Sabina has designed, created graphics, illustrations, photographs, and scripted HTML code for the following websites:

Grace Ostan - Research/Writing/Scanning,Image Manipulation and HTML Scripting
Grace has a BA in History in Art from the University of Victoria. She is currently working towards a diploma in the Cultural Resource Management Program. On this web site, Grace provided the research for the Bastion, Chilliwack City Hall, Ozeroff Village, Fletcher Store, Ceperley Mansion, Church of the Holy Cross, and the CNR Railway Station. Grace enjoyed working with her team mates as they were very supportiveand helpful throughout the entire project. She also enjoyed learning about the architectural history of British Columbia.
In the near future, Grace will be pursuing her interests of drawing, lino block printing, card making, designing, rowing, and conservation.

Grace can be reached at:

Stephan Jacob
"Ich bin ein Berliner"

Lots of scanning, some HTML programming and a bit of design ... definitely the reversed order of interests, but someone had to do it.

Stephan Jacob -


Marion Bennett - Research/Writing/Scanning /Image Manipulation/Graphics and HTML scripting
Marion contributed as a volunteer all the Teacher's Corner activities and graphics, three historical write-ups and the introduction text. As well, she was employed on the website project, British Columbia's Parliament Buildings: 1898-1998, where she wrote the main tour text and developed the Teacher's Corner curriculum and graphics. Marion has a degree in Creative Writing from the University of Victoria and studied Graphic Design at Camosun College. Marion and her cat Simon Tuk Phang have moved to Calgary where they plan to get jobs, cross-country ski and eat cinnamon toast under the full moon.


Trevor Robinson - Research, writing, scanning, HTML scripting and layout.
Trevor has a B.A. with a major in History and minor in English from the University of Victoria. He enjoys researching and learning. When Trevor is not at the archives or library doing research he enjoys reading philosophy books and watching/playing sports.

His e-mail address is:

Eric Proulx - Scanning, image manipulation and HTML Scripting
Eric designed and produced the 3D cut-out Building Models for the Bastion in Nanaimo BC and the Grist Mill at Keremeos BC.

Alan Moore - Technical support, HTML & Javascript programming
Alan produced the Javascript code for the interactive games section.

Graham Nott - Technical support, HTML & Javascript programming
Graham has provided on-going technical support throughout the duration of this project.

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