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Letters Written and Received by Richard Hicks


(Source: The Early History of Fraser River Mines. compiled by F.W.Howay. Published by John Forsyth, British Columbia Provincial Archives, Victoria 1926. Accession no.: NW 971.3 5F H853 c.6)

To His Excellency the Governor Douglas

I have seen today an Advertisment in the Victoria Newspaper from McGowan's party on Hill's Bar condemning my conduct, etc.(45)

I feel assured Your Excellency will treat it with all the contempt it deserves, nevertheless. I have substituted Office McLane for Officer Hickson, who was and now is with Mr. Justice Perrier on Hill's Bar.

As Officer Hickson(46) attended me the whole of the day I was measuring the ground, he can and no doubt will state the true facts.

I am, Sir, ashamed to be so constantly brought to notice by my public conduct. I beg, however, to assure Your Excellency that my conduct altho' displeasing to some is approved by the many. There are men here who call themselves Americans that are a disgrace to civilized society, and I defy any officer in power to satisfy their grasping propensities.

My sincere and earnest desire is to conduct myself with honour, integrity, and usefulness; that course I have and will continue to pursue.

Mr. Hickson will give Your Excellency some valuable information.

I have the honour to be,
Your Excellency's
MOST Obt hble servt,


(45) There was no advertisement In the Victoria paper. What Mr. Hicks alludes to to the account of the miners' meeting which appeared in the Victoria Gazette, November 6 , 1858, at which resolutions were passed roundly and soundly condemning him. See notes (14) and (24), ante.
(46) The police officer at Hill's Bar. He is one of the central figures to the subsequent trouble known as the " Ned McGowan War."
(47) "Captain " Whannell was the resident magistrate at Yale. As to his earlier life In Australia. seethe letter from Lieutenant-Colonel dated May 9, 1859; and as to his life in California, see Hick's subsequent letter, June 3, 1859.

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